대순사상의 궁극적 실재론 연구: 인격성과 이법성의 변증법적 지양과 종합을 중심으로

김대현 1 ,
Dae-Hyeon Kim 1 ,
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1대순진리회 교무부ㆍ연구위원
1Division of Cultural Affairs, Daesoonjinrihoe
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Received: May 31, 2014; Accepted: May 21, 2015

Published Online: Jun 01, 2017


The aim of this study is to determine the property of Daesoon thought in theory of God. The difference with precedent research is that this study catch the point in which theism as theology conflicts ontology as philosophy. It is elusive without philosophical analysis to detect this point for reasons of religious expression on scriptures. To find this point is beginning of academic communication at religious position.

So I tried to draw boundary between theology and philosophy in Daesoon thought so as to apprehend Daesoon thought treats the contradiction of that. The contradiction is found that hierarchy between Sangje and taegeuk reverses on Daesoon thought. Fundamentally two substance can’t be arranged to ontology but only one can be. It seems that Daesoon thought has got antinomy. However superiority of Daesoon thought is appeared at this point. The antinomy is just the process to absolute truth of Tao. That is a progressive system of thought in both religious and philosophical aspect.

Finally, the result of this study can be organized with five items. First is to get new direction to study of Daesoon thought to catch the clash between theology and ontology. Second is that Daesoon thought can communicate the mainstream philosophy like Hegel’s while the argumentation makes progress with Hegel’s thought. Third is that Daesoon thought has originality in ontology of tao, mugeuk, tageuk as compared with neo-Confucianism. Forth is that theology of Daesoon thought has the possibility to peace among religions. Fifth is that Daesoon thought transcends religion and philosophy to absolute truth.

Particularly, the noteworthy item is about peace among religions as theme of religious practice as the needs of times. The conflict of religion is very serious impact to historic future. So Daesoon thought suggests that all the religions harmonize with each other in universality and respect each other in distinctiveness. It makes it possible to aims for world peace beyond theory to practical orientation on religious creed.

In history of philosophy the dialetic of Hegel is the very adequate to explain that principle. Hegel argued that human mind can reach to the absolute knowledge at 『Phänomenologie des Geistes』. He elucidates the process that mind attain the absolute knowledge through movement of negation at 『Phänomenologie des Geistes』. The dialetics leads all the process of mind to finality of the absolute spirit.

Keywords: Theism; Ontology; Absolute Truth; Sangje; Taegeuk; Dialetic of Hegel



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