Copyright Transfer Agreement


  • 1. The Contributor assigns to the JDAOS during the full term of copyright and any extensions or renewals, all copyright in and to the Contribution, and all rights therein, including but not limited to the right to publish, republish, transmit, sell, distribute and otherwise use the Contribution in whole or in part in electronic and print editions of the Journal and in derivative works throughout the world, in all languages and in all media of expression now known or later developed, and to license or permit others to do so.
  • 2. Reproduction, posting, transmission or other distribution or use of the final Contribution in whole or in part in any medium by the Contributor as permitted by this Agreement requires a citation to the Journal and an appropriate credit to the Society if applicable, suitable in form and content as follows: (Title of Article, Author, Journal Title and Volume/Issue, Copyright © [year], copyright owner as specified in the Journal). Links to the final article on the Journal web site are encouraged where appropriate.


Notwithstanding the above, the Contributor or, if applicable, the Contributor's Employer, retains all proprietary rights other than copyright, such as patent rights, in any process, procedure or article of manufacture described in the Contribution.


  • 1. Submitted Version. JDAOS licenses back the following rights to the Contributor in the version of the Contribution as originally submitted for publication:
    • a. After publication of the final article, the right to self-archive on the Contributor's personal intranet repository or archive. This right extends to both intranets and the Internet. The Contributor may not update the submission version or replace it with the published Contribution. The version posted must contain a legend as follows: This is the pre-peer reviewed version of the following article: FULL CITE, which has been published in final form at [Link to final article].
    • b. The right to transmit, print and share copies with colleagues.
  • 2. Final Published Version. JDAOS hereby licenses back to the Contributor the following rights with respect to the final published version of the Contribution:
    • a. Copies for colleagues. The personal right of the Contributor only to send or transmit individual copies of the final published version in any format to colleagues upon their specific request provided no fee is charged, and further-provided that there is no systematic distribution of the Contribution, e.g. posting on a listserve, website or automated delivery.
    • b. Re-use in other publications. The right to re-use the final Contribution or parts thereof for any publication authored or edited by the Contributor (excluding journal articles) where such re-used material constitutes less than half of the total material in such publication. In such case, any modifications should be accurately noted.
    • c. Teaching duties. The right to include the Contribution in teaching or training duties at the Contributor's institution/place of employment including in course packs, e-reserves, presentation at professional conferences, in-house training, or distance learning. The Contribution may not be used in seminars outside of normal teaching obligations (e.g. commercial seminars). Electronic posting of the final published version in connection with teaching/training at the Contributor's institution/place of employment is permitted subject to the implementation of reasonable access control mechanisms, such as user name and password. Posting the final published version on the open Internet is not permitted.
    • d. Oral presentations. The right to make oral presentations based on the Contribution.
  • 3. Article Abstracts, Figures, Tables, Data Sets, Artwork and Selected Text (up to 250 words).
    • a. Contributors may re-use unmodified abstracts for any non-commercial purpose. For on-line uses of the abstracts, Wiley-Blackwell encourages but does not require linking back to the final published versions.
    • b. Contributors may re-use figures, tables, data sets, artwork, and selected text up to 250 words from their Contributions, provided the following conditions are met:
      • i. Full and accurate credit must be given to the Contribution.
      • ii. Modifications to the figures, tables and data must be noted. Otherwise, no changes may be made.
      • iii. The reuse may not be made for direct commercial purposes, or for financial consideration to the Contributor.
      • iv. Nothing herein shall permit dual publication in violation of journal ethical practices.

I agree to the COPYRIGHT TRANSFER AGREEMENT as shown above and have obtained written permission from all other contributors to execute this Agreement on their behalf.