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The Journal of Daesoon Academy of Sciences. Vol. 43, 2022

A Study on Religious Thought Regarding Hospitality for the Phenomenon of Transnational Migration: Focusing on the Concept of ‘Conscience’ in Daesoon Thought
초국적 이주 현상에 대한 환대의 종교사상 고찰: 대순사상의 ‘양심’을 중심으로
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2022;43:1-29.
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Discourse and an Agenda for Religious Publicness: Faith, Sacred Objects, and Holy Sites
종교 공공성의 담론과 의제: 신앙, 성물과 성지
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2022;43:31-66.
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A Study on Human Rights in North Korea in terms of Haewon-sangsaeng
해원상생 관점에서의 북한인권문제 고찰
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2022;43:67-102.
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The Symbolism and Significance of the Dao Flag in Daesoon Jinrihoe
대순진리회 도기(道旗)의 상징과 의미
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2022;43:103-137.
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The Context and Significance of Songs of the Dao of Great Gods
대화신도가사의 내용과 의의
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2022;43:139-177.
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A Study on the Evolution of the Ten Subjects and Their Significance in the Biographies of Eminent Monks of China
중국 고승전의 체재 변화와 그 의미
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2022;43:179-209.
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