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The Journal of Daesoon Academy of Sciences. Vol. 48, 2024

A Study of Daesoon Jinrihoe’s View of Time (I): Focusing on Time as Measured and Experienced
대순진리회의 시간관 연구 (Ⅰ): 측정되고 경험되는 시간을 중심으로
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2024;48:1-40.
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A Study on the Discourse Regarding the Lineage Transmission to Haewol in the Eastern Learning: Focused on Document Verification
해월의 동학 도통전수 담론 연구: 문헌 고증을 중심으로
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2024;48:41-155.
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The Development of the Exhibitions and Educational Programs of Religiously-themed Museums: Focused on the Museum of Daesoon Jinrihoe
종교박물관의 전시 및 교육프로그램 개발: 대순진리회박물관을 중심으로
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2024;48:157-198.
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The Essence and Significance of the Concept of ‘Return to the Former World’ in Donghak-gyo
동학교 ‘도로 선천(先天)’사상의 내용과 의의
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2024;48:199-237.
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Current Status, Challenges, and Suggestions for Utilizing Daesoon Jinrihoe’s Video Content: Focusing on the Film, The Road of Peace and Harmony, and the Videos of the Museum of Daesoon Jinrihoe
신종교의 영상 콘텐츠 활용 현황과 과제, 그리고 제언: 영화 <화평의 길>과 대순진리회박물관의 영상물을 중심으로
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2024;48:239-268.
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A Comparative Study between Donghak’s In-nae-cheon and the Three Essential Attitudes in Daesoon Thought
동학 인내천과 대순사상 삼요체의 비교연구
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2024;48:269-303.
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A Study on the Standardization and Diversification of Chinese Biographies of the Eminent Monks in the 7th and 8th Century
7~8세기 중국 고승전의 정형화와 다양화
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2024;48:305-335.
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Recognizing the Value of Religious Cultural Heritage and Establishing a Preemptive Preservation Foundation: A Case Study on Cultural Heritage as Observed at the Headquarters of Daesoon Jinrihoe
종교 문화유산의 가치 인식과 선제적 보전 기반 마련: 대순진리회 여주본부도장 문화유산을 사례로
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2024;48:337-374.
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The Sangsaeng Ecological Theory of Daesoon Jinrihoe: Focusing on the Meaning of Sangsaeng
대순진리회의 상생생태론 연구: 상생의 의미를 중심으로
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2024;48:375-406.
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The Relationship between Yellow Turban Rebellion and Displaced Persons: The Entangled Influence of the Economy, Natural Disasters, Civil Wars, and Refugees
후한 영제(靈帝) 시기 민중 봉기와 그 배경: 재정·자연재해·내란의 상호영향
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2024;48:407-443.
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A Study on the Meaning of ‘Human Affairs’ in Daesoon Thought: Focusing on Its Relation to ‘the Way of Heaven’
대순사상에서 ‘인사(人事)’의 의미 고찰: ‘천도(天道)’와의 관계를 중심으로
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2024;48:445-479.
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