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The Journal of Daesoon Academy of Sciences. Vol. 25, No. 1, 2015

Focus Unit
Kangjeungsan(姜甑山)’s Embracement of Chinese Myth and It’s Meaning
강증산(姜甑山)의 중국신화 수용과 그 의미
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2015;25(1):1-22.
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A Study on the Hyun-Mu Sutra(玄武經) of Jeungsan
증산계 『현무경』 연구
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2015;25(1):25-85.
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A Study of Type of Daesoonjinrihoe as a Established Sect and It's Appraisal
종교조직 유형론으로 본 대순진리회 유형 연구
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2015;25(1):87-119.
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A Comparative Study on Outspreading Virtues and Enlightenment Teaching Related to Daesoon Thought and Shinnyo Thought
대순사상과 진여사상의 포덕과 교화에 관한 비교연구
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2015;25(1):121-155.
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A Study on Daesoon Thought from Korean Buddhist Viewpoint: With Emphasis on Maitreya Thought and the Interpenetration(Unity) of the Three Teachings
한국불교에서 본 대순사상: 미륵사상과 삼교회통(조화)사상을 중심으로
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2015;25(1):157-187.
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상제와 삼계: 대순진리회의 우주론과 동아시아신종교
Sangje and Samkye: The Cosmology of Daesoonjinrihoe in East Asian New Religions
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2015;25(1):189-229.
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