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The Journal of Daesoon Academy of Sciences. Vol. 34, 2020

A Comparison on the Representation of the Celestial of the Ninth Heaven in The Canonical Scripture versus The Scripture of the Jade Pivot
《典經》與《玉樞寶經》中 九天應元雷聲普化 天尊之形象比較
J. Daesoon Acd. Sci. 2020;34:1-26.
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Saving Lives by Curing the World in Daesoon Jinrihoe, Religious Healing, and its Relations to Daoist Thought
大巡「济生医世」宗教救治特色及其 与道教思想關係探微
J. Daesoon Acd. Sci. 2020;34:27-48.
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Daesoon Thought from the Perspective of Yulgok’s Theory of Reason and Energy
J. Daesoon Acd. Sci. 2020;34:49-74.
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Women’s Religious Engagement at Daesoon Jinrihoe’s Yeoju Headquarters
大巡真理會的女性宗教參與: 以驪州本部道場為例
J. Daesoon Acd. Sci. 2020;34:75-105.
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The Upper Thearch of the Nine Heavens (Jiutian shangdi 九天上帝) and The Upper Thearch of Manifest Luminosity (Mingming shangdi 明明上帝): Research on “Upper Thearch” Beliefs in Contemporary Emergent Religions
九天上帝與明明上帝: 當代新興宗教「上帝」信仰之研究
J. Daesoon Acd. Sci. 2020;34:107-139.
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The Interpretation of “The Great Learning” within the Korean New Religion Daesoon Jinrihoe
J. Daesoon Acd. Sci. 2020;34:141-169.
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Daesoon Jinrihoe as a Nativist Millennialism :A Comparative Study of East Asian New Religious Movements
本土性千禧年運動的建構與轉化: 以韓國大巡真理會為焦點的東亞比較研究
J. Daesoon Acd. Sci. 2020;34:171-202.
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A Probe into the Laws Applicable to Foreign Religious Actions and the Actions of Foreign Religious Legal Persons : Observations Regarding Establishment and Initial Development in Taiwan
外國宗教(法人)在臺行為之準據法適用初探: 以設立與起始發展為研究核心
J. Daesoon Acd. Sci. 2020;34:203-238.
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An Inquiry into the Taiji Theories : Zhu-Xi, Lee Eon-jeok, and Daesoon Thought
J. Daesoon Acd. Sci. 2020;34:239-262.
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A Study of Feng-Shui Culture in The Canonical Scripture of Daesoon Jinrihoe
J. Daesoon Acd. Sci. 2020;34:263-292.
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“Ascending to Heaven and Becoming an Immortal”: Sublime Words with Deep Meaning and Ultimate Value in Daoist Culture
道文化终极价值的文字学阐释: 兼论「大巡」「道通真境」之人文意涵
J. Daesoon Acd. Sci. 2020;34:293-321.
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A Comparison of Incarnation Theology in Christianity and Daesoon Jinrihoe
J. Daesoon Acd. Sci. 2020;34:323-351.
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