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The Journal of Daesoon Academy of Sciences. Vol. 26, 2016

Focus Unit
A Study on the 「Gyobeob」 of 『Jeon-gyeong』: Focused on Comparison with Chapter 「Words of Law」 of 『Daesoon Jeon-gyeong』 6th Edition
『전경』 「교법」편 연구: 『대순전경』 6판 「법언」장과의 비교를 중심으로
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2016;26:1-41.
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The Meaning of ‘Maitreya(彌勒)’ in 『Jeon-gyeong』
『전경』에 나타난 ‘미륵’의 성격
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2016;26:45-75.
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A Correlative Linkage between the Cosmic Principle of Birth-growth and Contraction-recess and Non Action Tao
생장염장(生長斂藏)ㆍ무위이화(無爲而化)의 상관연동 연구
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2016;26:77-110.
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The Research Concerning of Human Subject in Daesoon Thought: on ‘In-Jon’ Idea
대순사상에 나타난 인간 주체(主體)에 관한 연구: 인존(人尊) 개념을 중심으로
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2016;26:111-142.
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A Study of Qi Theory in Daesoon Thought: centered on Shangjeguan and Cheonjiogongsalon
대순사상에서의 기론(氣論) 연구: 상제관과 천지공사론을 중심으로
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2016;26:143-182.
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Examining the Object of Daesoonjinrihoe
대순진리회 목적(目的)에 관한 연구
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2016;26:183-214.
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A Reconsideration on the Records on Doju Cho Jeongsan and His Family in Manchuria, China
조정산 도주 일가의 만주행록에 관한 재고찰
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2016;26:215-253.
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