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The Journal of Daesoon Academy of Sciences. Vol. 33, 2019

An Interpretation of Human View in Daesoon Thought: From the Perspective of Mircea Eliade’s New Humanism
엘리아데의 관점으로 본 대순사상의 인간관 연구
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2019;33:1-30.
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A Study on the Daesoon Cosmology of the Correlative Relation between Mugeuk and Taegeuk
무극과 태극 상관연동의 대순우주론 연구
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2019;33:31-62.
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A Phenomenological Interpretation on the Principle of ‘Coincidentia Oppositorum’ of Daesoon Thought
대순사상의 대대성 원리에 대한 현상학적 해석
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2019;33:63-90.
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Daesoon Jinrihoe Yeoju Headquarters Temple Complex as Viewed within Feng-Shui Theory
풍수지리로 본 대순진리회 여주본부도장
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2019;33:91-145.
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Politics of Hospitality for Sangsaeng with ‘Precariat’’: With a focus on Problems of North Korean Migrants
‘프레카리아트’와의 상생을 위한 환대의 정치: 탈북민 문제를 중심으로
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2019;33:147-177.
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Typology and the Features of Films about New Religious Movements
신종교영화의 유형과 특성
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2019;33:179-218.
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The Concept of Tao and Ideological Characteristics in Daesoon Thought
대순사상에서의 도(道) 개념과 사상적 특징에 관한 연구
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2019;33:219-255.
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The Problem of Theodicy in Daesoon Jinrihoe
대순진리회에서 신정론 문제
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2019;33:257-286.
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Daesoon Thought Regarding Landscapes
풍경(風景)에 대한 대순사상적 접근
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2019;33:287-317.
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Views on Life and Humanity in Daesoon Thought
대순사상의 생명관과 인생관
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2019;33:319-349.
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The Taoist Approach to ‘Place’ and ‘Experience’ as Seen by Anthropogeographers: Focusing on Jeff Malpas and Lao-Zhuang Thought
인문지리학자의 ‘장소’와 ‘경험’에 대한 도가적 접근: 제프 말파스와 노장사상을 중심으로
J. Daesoon Acad. Sci. 2019;33:351-379.
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